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Autopia is a small, independent, woman owned Eco-Store and Biodiesel Filling Station in San Mateo California that sells locally made and sustainable “green” products and high quality commercial biodiesel that meets B100 ASTM standards.



We strive to sell only biodiesel made from recycled vegetable oil.



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Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel WARNING!




Open a commercial account today and get:


·        .10 - .15 cent per gallon discount*

·        net 10 day terms**

·        a special bumper sticker displaying the “Green Machine” logo and certification

·        co-market on the Autopia Website

·        get featured in the Autopia store




Let everyone know your business is GREEN!

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Click here to download a PDF of our Commercial Account Agreement and Credit Application




*.10¢ per gallon discount, minimum 100 gallon purchase


.15¢ per gallon discount 400 gallons and more


** on approved credit



From Cummins Press Release March 2007:


"We have completed exhaustive analysis and test evaluations which enable Cummins to provide the necessary guidance and information to our customers for the proper and successful use of this fuel in our engine," said Edward Lyford-Pike, Chief Engineer – Advanced Alternative Fuel Programs. "This will enable our customers to have a choice that includes renewable fuel."


The popularity and use of biodiesel fuel continues to climb. Recent studies predict that, by 2008, 1.2 billion gallons of B100 biodiesel will be produced in the United States. Cummins will continue its efforts to ensure that future products will be compatible with biodiesel fuels, and will continue to participate in industry efforts aimed at the development of consistent quality throughout the biodiesel industry.


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