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Autopia is a small, independent, woman owned Green Community Hub with an Eco-Store and Biodiesel Filling Station in San Mateo California that sells locally made and sustainable “green” products and high quality commercial biodiesel that meets B100 ASTM standards.



Our biodiesel is made from 100% recycled waste vegetable oils, and meets all ASTM standards. Our current batch comes from Bently Biofuels. Bently runs their delivery trucks on their own product, and has a solar-powered production plant. This biodiesel has a very low cloud point of 1°C (34°F), and gel point of 0°C.


Now a member of the Sustainable Biodiesel Retailers Alliance (SBRA)

An association of independent biodiesel retailers committed to selling only sustainably produced biodiesel


Other members of SBRA

SF Bay Area Biodiesel


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SF Bay Area Biodiesel

Autopia Commercial Accounts


Bay Area Parent Magazine

November 2009

Biodiesel Bliss

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Silicon Valley Business Journal

November 2008

Consortium pumps up biodiesel

This one is about Autopia and our friends at Biofuel Oasis and Dogpatch Biofuels!

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San Mateo County Times

April 15, 2008

Biofuel users rejoice: Station to open

This one is about Autopia!

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Autopia’s Press Release

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Biodiesel boom heading toward Wall Street

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September 14, 2007:  Early in the week, Willie Nelson, Daryl Hannah, and Woody Harrelson gathered at a fund raising event for the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance at the Times Square Hard Rock Cafe. Also in attendance were Rosie Perez, Kate Spade, and Steven Colbert, proving once and for all that biodiesel isn't just for stoned country singers, radical treesitters, and oxygen bar owners. (It's also for movie stars, fashion icons, and fake newscasters.)


Jay Leno’s EcoJet Catches Attention of Agriculture Secretary
New Holland brings Biodiesel-Powered Concept Car to Farm Progress Show

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Two articles about Biofuel Oasis from the SF Chronicle Newspaper

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San Mateo Daily Journal Article about Biodiesel

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Contact us:  info@autopiabiofuels.com